ATD-TFES-10H Fine Sheet Teflon ™ Tapes (PTFE Film)

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Thin Film Teflon ™ Tapes (PTFE Film): Pure Thin Film (PTFE) Teflon with a high temperature silicone adhesive. Useful in electrical applications such as harness / coil wraps and separators, transformers and groove insulation where good insulation and thermal resistance is required. Suitable for mechanical uses in thermal sealing machines, pressure pads in labeling machines, channel / conduit coatings, antifrictional devices, bearings, mold matrices, extraction of molds for aircraft and guide rails, where high temperatures are used, maximum slip and lubricity. *

TFES-2HD is a high-density, thin-film PTFE film that provides high tensile strength, lower elasticity and higher dielectric strength than common thin-film films (mainly used in previously listed electrical applications and to protect rolls in extrusions flat). The elasticity of TFES-5 allows a firm and molded wrap to irregular surfaces and pronounced curves. 3 “plastic center.

Physical Properties:

Backing: 10 mil / 0.0010″

Total thickness: 0.0010 “Strength when breaking (lb / in): 60

Adhesion (oz / in): 55

Stretch: 300

Temperature index. (° F use cont.): -100 to + 500 Dielectric strength (total voltage): 20,000

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21.5", 1", 1.5", 1/2", 1/4", 2", 3", 3/4", 3/8"





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