ATD-UHMW-10-A Polyethylene Tape

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UHMW- (Mil) … Acrylic Adhesive Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Tape (UHMW). 5 thousand, 10 thousand, and 20 thousand with a powerful Acrylic Adhesive. Its high resistance to chemicals / abrasion and low coefficient of friction makes it a versatile engineering material for many uses of arduous service. The materials slide freely on the surface of the tape without tendency to stick or slip. Quality shock absorption and impact. In a matter of duration, it exceeds Teflon® extensively and is a good replacement as long as high temperature resistance is not needed. Useful as strips on conveyor belts, bearings and sliding surfaces, ramps and hopper linings, oven sills, protective pads, guide rails, furniture and drawer sliders. Used mainly in automotive and mechanical areas.

ATD-UHMW-10-A meets automotive specifications: Chrysler MSCH612, Ford ESB-M3G123-B, GM 6419M. UHMW-5A & 10A are rolled in a 4 mil white paper liner; 3 “Plastic Center.

FILM COLOR: Natural Clear.

Physical Properties UHMW-10A Support Thickness 10.0 Thousand Total Thickness of Tape (uncoated) 11.8 mil Peel

Adhesion 50 oz / in

Tensile Strength 60 lb / in

Elongation 300% Max.

Operating temperature 300 ° F

Additional information


1", 1.5", 1/2", 2", 27", 3", 3/4", 4"


18 YD



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