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The multiple uses of Kapton ™ tape

Today we want to talk more extensively about our Kapton® tape, its usefulness and why we consider it our workhorse. The Kapton Tape, is a silicon adhesive tape with a polyamide base, developed by DuPont in the late 1960s that remains stable over a wide range of...

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How to take off the blue tapes for paintings.

Thanks to the new advances, several houses took out the market, the new blue tapes, displacing the one we commonly used the paper tape for these tasks. Its different sizes and applicable on any type of surface (except for imitation finishes and some lacquers) and...

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Tapes and Art

Welcome to our first blog article: "Tapes and art" where we wanted to show the different uses of adhesive tapes for our day to day. In this case we discover a Dutch artist named Max Zorn, who works with packaging tapes to carry out his works. "I do not want to work on...

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Dispensador ATD-925-DC

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We are a company with more than 22 years in the market in the sale and distribution of industrial adhesives.

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  • Camouflage tape
  •  ATG tapes
  • Fabric tapes or Gaffers ribbons
  • Reflective tapes
  • Aluminum tapes

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