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We are a company dedicated to the sale of all types of adhesives in the industry and their various types of applications. We offer more than one hundred types of adhesive tapes and dispensers for them. Our business areas in the industry range from the electrical industry, packaging, scenography and air conditioning to the industry of pipelines, industrial security, and, among others, splicing, office, and reflective tapes.

We have been in the marked of distributing and selling industrial adhesives for over 22 years, offering the best tapes worldwide and customizing them according to the particular needs of our customers. Our new headquarters, located in the city of Miami, facilitates any type of regional and global exportation. 

Our main business areas


Packing Tapes


Reflective tapes


Electricity Tapes


Automotive Industry

Our Items

Packaging | Scenography | Electricity | Industrial Security | Graphic Arts, Painting, Security Packaging, Sport & Game & Graphic Arts & More...