Welcome to our first blog article: “Tapes and art” where we wanted to show the different uses of adhesive tapes for our day to day. In this case we discover a Dutch artist named Max Zorn, who works with packaging tapes to carry out his works.

“I do not want to work on the walls or on the floor I wanted to use street lamps as an urban gallery and I wanted to use the darkness as the setting around my work” says Max.

His inspiration are themes influenced by black cinema, creating with several layers of tapes the different cuttlefish tones that give life to the characters. The characters of novels produced by writers of the lost generation such as Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Salingery the American artist Edwar Hopper.


“In general, I’m interested in the dynamics between people, I want to freeze a moment when you start a story without telling too much … like a screenshot of a movie that awakens the imagination, but leaves room to decide where the story is going” His works have been hung on lampposts in Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Key West, Florida, Canada and Hong Kong.

He has created commissioned pieces for, among others, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in Orlando, Florida and has created street art for Dampkring coffeeshop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We leave you with this quote from Brazilian educator Paulo Freire

There would be no creativity without the curiosity that moves us and that makes us patiently impatient with the world that we did not do, which we increase with something we do”

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