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ADT-MMYP-1 Tapes with Metallized Polyester Film

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Tapes with Metallized Polyester film: Polyester film (1.0 mil) metallized with vibrant and shiny specular finish. Cover with a powerful long-lasting acrylic adhesive system. Excellent chemical and thermal stability. Silver color that qualify to meet Federal specifications # L-T-100B, Type II. 3 “plastic center.

Applications: Reflective protection; graphic and industrial arts; touch-ups, automotive decorations, personalized plates, electrical appliances, advertising exhibitions; suitable for splicing micro films. It can be useful in photoelectric detection applications to detect splices and facilitate roll changes (it is recommended to test the samples before).

Physical Properties …
Adhesive: Acrylic Total thickness: 2.2 mil
Adhesion (steel): 45 oz / in
Tension resistance: 18 lbs /

Stretch (when broken): 75%
Temperature: up to 300 ° F

Additional information

Amounts less than 1 Box



Silver, Black, Golden, Red, Green, Blue, Other colors are available by special order.