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ATD-AF-20R/UL/FR Aluminum Adhesive Tapes

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Aluminum Adhesive Tapes with lining – Rubber Adhesive – Backing of annealed 2 mil aluminum foil, combined with fire retardant Rubber Adhesive and worn on a removable paper liner. High quality adhesive, fire resistant and extremely powerful adhesion. Fixing power offers a reliable and durable FSK coating to the joints and seams that seal the ducts of the HVAC air conditioning system. Its malleability is well attached to irregular and curved surfaces, providing excellent reflection of heat and light. Excellent vapor barrier due to its low level of moisture transmission from steam. 3 ”center printed by UL.

Max .5 fire extension-max .50 smoke dev.

Tested according to UL 723 standard.

Total tape thickness: 3.6 mil. Take-off adhesion: 90 oz / in.

Temperature range: -4 ° F to 176 ° F.