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ATD-AF-FSK-A Aluminum tape

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Foil / Scrism / Kraft Aluminum Tapes (FSK) with Acrylic Adhesive Annealed aluminum foil tape / 3-way fiberglass canvas / paper carrier covered with a powerful adhesive and carried on a liner (3.2 mil) of removable paper . Its malleability makes it fit well to irregular and curved surfaces to maximize adhesive contact and provide a fast and firm fixation to the insulation surface. Used as a closure system in fiberglass and mineral wool insulation facing aluminum foil. Useful for sealing seams and joints in air duct plates and to provide a vapor barrier that ensures system cohesion. 3 ”center – anonymous.

Physical Properties:

Adhesive: Solvent based acrylic FSK

Backing: 4.8 mil Tape Thickness (s / liner): 6.8 mil

Adhesion: 72 oz / in Adhesive test: 7.9 in

Temperature resistance: -4 ° F at 248 ° F