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ATD-AT-UHB10 Ultra High Bond. Acrylic Transfer Tapes

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Ultra High Bond Acrylic Adhesive Tapes are carried on a 7 mil white polyethylene release liner. Tape bonds to most surfaces, but thorough
evaluation is recommended when bonding on low energy surface materials such as PVC, ABS, PE, PP. Not recommended for bonding Teflon™, Tedlar™, Silicone or EPDM. Temperature Range: -30°F to 200°F. Application Temperature: 50°F to 100°F. 3” plastic core.

AT-UHB (mil thickness) This structural grade unsupported acrylic adhesive transfer system has been skillfully engineered to provide a strong, moisture proof bond between various substrates.
It is flexible, moldable, & compressible. Due to its clarity, can be used to bond glass and other clear materials. Bonds permanently to most clean, dry, oil-free, non-porous surfaces, including aluminum, stainless steel, glass, painted metal, and many others. Used in attachment of dissimilar surfaces. Used for auto and truck trim attachment; in aviation, marine, electronics, furniture, signage & appliance industries. Applications: replacing mechanical fasteners, bonding nameplates & decorative trim; window fabrication– standard and high impact resistant; bonding/seaming metal in electrical panels, HVAC units; fabrication of bullet proof products. Maintains bond at sub-zero temperature. Excellent UV, solvent & moisture resistance (Note: as with similar products, tape will yellow when exposed to UV, but performance is not affected). COLOR: WATER CLEAR.

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Como con productos similares, la cinta se amarillentará cuando es expuesta a rayos UV, pero el rendimiento no será afectado


1", 1/2", 1/4", 3/4", 3/8"


60 YD