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ATD-CGT-80 Cloth Non-Reflective Insulators Tape

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Insulating Cloth Tape / Marker Tape (dim gloss): 11.8 mil. Mesh (76). High quality polyethylene covered fabric, laminated to a film with a faint gloss finish and covered with a natural rubber based adhesive. It fits well to irregular surfaces, and does not twist or roll. Excellent resistance to wear, water and steam. Clean extraction on most surfaces (surface type and adhesion time may affect performance). Suitable for uses related to entertainment (concerts, commercial exhibitions, etc.) where a minimum visibility of the tape is desired. Used to retain cables, wires, electrical cables, prepare scenarios and point locations (“marker” tape). Useful to join and reinforce binding. 3 “anonymous box and center.

Physical Properties:

Adhesion on takeoff: 29 oz / in.

Extended roll: 39 oz / in. Elasticity: 36 lb / in.

Temperature resistance: -31 ° F to 176 ° F.

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2.", 3.", 1", 1.5", 1/2", 12", 2", 2.5", 3", 3/4", 4", 6"


45 YD, 60 YD


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