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ATD-CZT-80LBG CablZone Tape

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CablZone Tape is used to manage cables, cords & wires and
avoid accidental tripping & unplugging in warehouses, convention
centers, theaters, etc. The center length on the adhesive side of
the tape has a plastic coating (“dead zone”) that creates an adhe-
sive-free zone or channel for cables so they do not get gummy
with adhesive residue. Removes cleanly from most surfaces.

Physical Properties     CZT-70B   CZT-70B/Y CZT-80LBG CZT-140MB

Backing                                       PE Coated Cloth                Cotton Cloth

Total Thickness              11.8 mil       11.8 mil       11.8 mil       12.8 mil

Adhesive Type                                        Natural Rubber

Peel Adhesion                36 oz/in       36 oz/in       25 oz/in       32 oz/in

Tensile – Adhesive Area  29 lb/in        29 lb/in        36 lb/in        47 lb/in

Tensile – Dead Zone        36 lb/in        36 lb/in        40 lb/in        50 lb/in

Holding Power                                     20 min                             60 min

Temperature Range                                 -31°F to 176°F

“Dead Zone” Widths

3”(75mm) = 40mm dead zone
4”(100mm) = 57mm dead zone
6”(150mm) = 80mm dead zone

Additional information

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3", 4"




39.4 YD