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Insulating Cloth Tape / Marker Tape Spike Fluorescent Matte Tape): Spike Tape (11 thousand total). 100% cotton fabric covered with vinyl and with natural rubber resin adhesive. Hand tear. Abrasion Resistant It provides a good dust and dirt proof seal. It allows writing on top using markers and round-tip pens. Used to wrap packages, decorate, demarcate floors, wrap handles of tools and sporting goods, bind books, etc. 3 “anonymous box and center.

Physical Properties:

Elasticity: 48 lb / in. Adhesiveness when taking off: 28 oz / in. Maximum performance temperature: 200 ° F.

Additional information

Colores Fluorescentes

Amarillo, Naranja, Verde, Rosado

Pedidos por color

Mínimo 6 pulgadas por color