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ATD-HTM-111 Automotive Crepe Paper Tapes at High Temperatures

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Automotive Crepe Paper Tapes at High Temperatures: 6.1 mil (0.155mm) Protective tape (cream color) for high temperatures. Adhesive system based on solvent-cured natural rubber and designed to protect where solvent resistance and high temperatures are required. The tape can be used up to 239 ° F (115 ° C) for up to an hour and is expected to keep its retention, cohesion and extraction qualities clean. It fits a wide range of surfaces. The use of heavy crepe paper provides good tensile and tear resistance as well as excellent stretch to wrap and protect around curved surfaces. Recommended for high-precision paint jobs and masking (especially in automotive applications). Talon Tape

Center: “3”. Clean Extraction

Adhesion: 35.3oz / in.

Elasticity: 20 lbs / in.

Stretching: 10%.