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ATD-MG06-I/O Magnetic Tapes Interior / Exterior

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These magnetic tapes are composed of a FLEXIBLE MAGNET WITH MULTIPOLAR FACE (composed of strontium and / or ferrite barium particles oriented with a thermoplastic polymer matrix). These permanent magnets remain magnetized indefinitely, if not subject, to a demagnetizing force.

Magnetic Tape Orders ARE NOT RETURNABLE (suggest samples for approval). Maximum width of 3 “. Note … Wider rolls, strips and die cuts are also available. Tailored to meet your specific uses: Precut or prerecorded; die cut in any shape; with or without adhesives; with different forces magnetizers and polar order based on the product and the required force; in thickness between 0.020 “and 0.120”. Magnetic tapes with Interior / Exterior Adhesives: consists of a double layer polyester (4.5mil) tape with a pressure sensitive adhesive made of high performance acrylic laminated to magneto and provided in a semi-bleached kraft lining.Adhesive for indoor / outdoor use where exceptional adhesion is required, good resistance to solvents and cuts.Acrylic adhesive offers good clarity and has excellent resistance when exposed to UV light The polyester carrier provides dimensional stability and a better die-cutting capacity.

Physical Properties: 1/16 “(0.060” , 1.524mm) Thick with Indoor / Outdoor Adhesive Quick Fixing: 8 lbs / in.

Peel Adhesion: 10 lbs / in.

Temperature when applying: Minimum 50 ° F (10 ° C).

Operating Temperature Range: 0˚F to 250˚F (-18˚C to 121˚C).

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1", 1/2", 2", 3", 3/4"


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