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ATD-PWT10G High Performance SPVC Vinyl Tapes

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High Performance SPVC Vinyl Tapes: High performance SPVC tapes that protect surfaces and pipes. Highly resistant to sun, water, grease, acids, alkalis and corrosive chemicals. Resistant to bacteria and fungi. Wear resistant Provides electrical protection. Protects pipe joints, pipe connections for aerial or underground uses.

Temperature when applying: 32 ° F.

Water absorption speed (maximum): 0.290 (25 ° C, 24 hours).

Classified by UL / CSA. Anonymous center for the HVAC industry.

SPVC wrap for 10 thousand 1.5 ”(38.1mm) pipes. Matte green surface. Rubber Adhesive Fire Retarder.

3 “paper center – anonymous. Adhesion / steel: 12 oz / in.

Elasticity: 20 lb / in.

Stretching: 276%.

Dielectric strength: 1 KV / mil.

Temperature resistance: 176 ° F ( 80 ° C).

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