ATD-TEV-OV Safety Tapes / Inviolable Tapes

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Safety Tapes / Inviolable Tapes: (Hidden message: “OPENED VOID”) 3.9mil Inviolable polyester tape with solvent-based Acrylic adhesive. A unique cardboard sealing tape that leaves the inscription “OPENED VOID” or “VOID” deposited in the box or container when opening, thus deterring any alteration or theft of the contents in sealed boxes. Used in cases where high security is essential: pharmacists, chemists and medical equipment, criminal evidence and independent laboratory studies, money handlers and bags, security bags / credit cards, transportation and cargo handlers, transportation of food products; and products of high value and / or high demand, such as electrical appliances, clothing and sporting goods. Not suitable for recycled cardboard. Allow at least 6 hours before removing the tape to reveal the inscription.

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Inscripción Invisible OPEN VOID


Inscripción Invisible VOID


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