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ATD-TFE-10SW Coated Glass Fabric Tapes. Liner

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Impregnated fiberglass cloth, consisting of warp and fill yarns, coated with a high temperature silicone adhesive. Excellent electrical, mechan-
ical and chemical properties. Used as a primary insulation in a variety of electrical equipment and heat sealing bars, chute liners, gaskets,
bearing surfaces, tabletop covers, guide rails and roll covers. Low friction surface; abrasion resistant. Product comes standard with liner (“WL”)
or available self-wound (“SW”). 1/2” AND 3/4” WIDE ROLLS MUST BE SELF WOUND. Also available without adhesive (“NA”). 3” plastic core.

Physical Properties

Backing Thickness2.8 mil/0.0028”4.6 mil/0.0046”5.4 mil/0.0054”9.1 mil/0.0091”

Total Tape Thickness5.0 mil/0.0050”6.8 mil/0.0068”8.4 mil/0.0084”12.1 mil/0.0121”

Breaking Strength (Warp | Fill)100 lb/in | 70 lb/in135 lb/in | 120 lb/in150 lb/in | 140 lb/in290 lb/in | 180 lb/in

Adhesion​ 43 oz/in36 oz/in40 oz/in60 oz/in

Elongation (Warp | Fill)3.4% | 2.0%2.9% | 3.2%3.0% | 4.0%4.0% | 3.4%

Operating Temperature Range-100°F to 500°F-100°F to 500°F-100°F to 500°F-100°F to 500°F

Electrical Strength5.0 kV6.1 kV6.5 kV8.0 kV

Additional information


1", 1.5", 1/2", 2", 3", 3/4", 36"


36 YD



Propiedades Físicas

con liner (WL) "con revestimiento"