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ATD-TR-7901X Adhesive Transfer Tapes

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Adhesive Transfer Tapes: Acrylic Adhesive of 1.97 mil (0.05mm) Modified to Modified Solvent Base, stabilized by glass and rolled on a detachable lining of 120 grams brown silicone paper. Excellent for die cuts. The glass stabilization allows a vertical cut and unwind cleaner. Highly fast and cut resistant adhesion that makes it the best choice for more demanding tasks in adhesion and bonding applications. Used to fasten before rolling, splices of papers, films, metals and other fabrics. It can be used as a lamination adhesive for foams or fabrics.

3 ”box and center – anonymous

Accession: 73 oz / in.

Melamine and acid free.

Temperature range: -22 ° F to + 302 ° F