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ATD-EX-909K Produce/Bag Seal Tape Dispensers

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For tape up to 9mm wide

EZ open bag sealer with trimmer. Will hold a roll of paper (3/4” core) along with roll of 3/8” wide PVC tape (3” core) so that seal can be easily broken (tape adheres to strip of paper instead of to itself at “tail” end of tape for easy tear). Functions the same as above bag sealers, but offers the option of use with a roll of paper or without.

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210321 tornillo, 210324 tornillo (cortador int.), 605005/13 sop. cortador/resorte, 605008 cortador interno, 605016 cuchilla recortadora, 605009 cojín nivelador-fieltro, 605010 engranaje (plástico