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ATD-DC-4110R Double Layer Tape with Differential Adhesion



Double Layer Tape with Differential Adhesion 1.0 mil (25 microns) Transparent polyester film (3.75 mils total), differentially covered with a high and low fixing acrylic adhesive system. The side of the lining is covered with a transparent, highly removable, slightly fixed and controlled adhesive system that demonstrates moderate adhesion to a variety of surfaces, but has excellent extraction capacity. The exposed side is covered with a powerful high fixing acrylic adhesive, resistant to peeling and cutting. Both adhesives are excellent at low and moderate temperatures and are resistant to UV rays, humidity, certain solvents, mild acids, oil and grease. Excellent adhesion to metals, glass, films, paper and some treated polyolefins. Used as a closed system for resealable bags, holsters and envelopes, fasten before rolling and labeling paper, foil and film files; promotional, advertising and point-of-sale displays that can easily be removed, replaced or repositioned; temporary restraint of packaging and protective materials during shipments; temporary rolling applications; creation of removable labels.

3 ”paper box and center

Adhesion to steel: 53 oz / in. (exposed), 28 oz / in (lining side).

Tensile strength: 16 lbs / in.

Stretch: 100% when broken Low temperature (application): 35 ° F. High temperature resistance: 275 ° F.

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